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Beginning in the 1960’s the Darwin Greyhound Association (DGA) is the only registered greyhound race track in the Northern Territory, and regards itself as industry leader in the trainer, racing and welfare of greyhounds.

DGA conduct approximately 50 race meetings a year with the feature event $25,000.00 Darwin Cup conducted in early August.

Greyhound racing is a major contributor to the local economy with 20 registered trainers and approximately 150 racing greyhounds trained in the Northern Territory along with 15 casual staff employed each week to conduct race meeting with further investment generated by betting turnover both on and off track.

Darwin Greyhound Association is a strong supporter of rehoming retired greyhounds with practises put in place to support owners and trainers to work with welfare agencies in this area.

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Office Hours

  • Monday – Friday


  • Sunday Race night office hours

    5:00pm – 10:00pm


  • Dan McKeown

Vice President

  • Steele Bolton


  • Robbie Brennan


  • Michael Freeman
  • Jack Giacomo


  • Eddie Berry, Erica Harper
  • Jodi Kirstenfeldt


  • Carolyn Bulmer

Committee Members

  • Noel Vansleve
  • Malcolm Richardson
  • Terry O’Brien
  • Robert Perry
  • Richard Carr

Office Manager

Racing Manager

Racing Caller

  • Craig Sant

Lure Driver

  • Scott McGowan
  • Mick Mason

Chief of Stewards

  • Edward Berry

Deputy Steward

  • Erica Harper
  • Jodi Kirstenfeldt

Chairman of Stewards

  • Eddie Berry


  • Michael Karlsen
  • Jack Giacomo
  • Dave Creeper
  • Kirsty Driver
  • Michael Freeman
  • Luke Magnusson
  • Chloe Giacomo

Video production

  • Bill Whitington